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** Datta Jayanti Utsav **
07th December 2022
You are cordially invited with your family & friends
for "Datta Jayanti Utsav" on Sadguru Sthan at
Anandyog Dham.

Click here for Programme Details

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** COVID 19 **

To get mental strength to fight against the worldwide epidemic,
chant 'Aghor Sankatnashan Stotra & Shree Dattastava Stotra' written by P.P. Shree Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembe Swami Maharaj - 11 times each stotra. It will give best result if done collectively by every family.

Chant "Ghoratkashta Stotra" 11 times daily anytime-anywhere for your betterment. This is need of time & as per Sadguru Bhau Maharaj's wishes.
To Download "Ghoratkashta Stotra" click here
To Download "mJaap" for Android Phone click here
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